November 2012

BUG-BOND ties in with WAPSI to complete global distribution.

BUG-BOND the award winning UV cured resin is set to continue its global growth as one of the world’s leading fly tying products as it becomes fully available in the USA and Canada.

Following this announcement, BUG-BOND will have the widest distribution network of any light cured resin available to fly tyers worldwide.


David Edwards of Edwards Bonding Solutions Ltd is proud to announce that WAPSI, the largest distributor of fly tying material worldwide has included BUG-BOND in their latest catalogue. WAPSI will primarily distribute BUG-BOND to the US and Canadian markets, however, their worldwide distribution network will also benefit from the inclusion of BUG-BOND in their product range.

David Edwards, owner and creator of the BUG-BOND brand said “I am delighted that BUG-BOND has secured within the last 9 months both WAPSI & Veniard Ltd, two of the biggest and most respected distribution names in fly tying. It will ensure that BUG-BOND builds on its global brand position based on product performance and ensures worldwide availability. Veniard play an important role in BUG-BOND’s day to day logistics and worldwide distribution, their support has been key to our growth this year. With WAPSI on board we will be able to span North America building on the support we already have from key retailers on the North Eastern seaboard of the US”

BUG-BOND is distributed worldwide by WAPSI and Veniard Ltd; it is also distributed in Scandinavia by Grayling Dreams


January 2012

Veniard Ties in with BUG-BOND™

“Veniard Ties In With Bug-Bond

Veniard Limited, one of the oldest fly tying materials firms around has tied up a deal with BUG-BOND, the award winning, innovative and cutting edge resin finish for fly tyers. In January 2010, after extensive field-testing, the first Tack-Free light cured resin for fly tying was launched. These resins offer significant advantages over other adhesives and varnishes, and these advantages have placed BUG-BOND ahead of the competition. Since then, the two differing formulae, ‘Original’ and ‘Lite’ have enjoyed unprecedented success making it the most talked about new material in fly tying.

David Edwards, designer and owner of BUG-BOND comments: “In September 2010 the BUG-BOND Pro-Tying Team was formed. We wanted to ensure that the team members covered the full spectrum of fly tying from small trout flies, realistic tying to large predator and saltwater flies. It is a truly global team who not only provide us with great feedback and product development ideas; they are also keen to demonstrate BUG-BOND at events, shows and in the press. With TV performances, inclusion in DVDs and books during 2012, the amazing growth means it’s a necessity on the fly-tyer’s bench.”

With the continuing growth of sales, BUG-BOND has announced that it is teaming up with one of the most established and well respected names in fly-tying: Veniard Ltd.

Peter Veniard explains the tie up: “ Veniard Ltd will now act as the main distributor for the product range. This gives the BUG-BOND team the opportunity to develop the product and its applications further, building on its current position in the market. Our expertise and experience in the distribution of fly tying materials, both traditional and cutting edge; will ensure that Bug Bond is more widely available to tyers world wide. Of course, we will continue to service the established accounts and obviously extend the number of outlets considerably. This is an exciting time for both of us and we see this as the start of a long and lasting distribution agreement.”


December 2011

BUG-BOND™ recently received an award in the "Best Fly Fishing Innovation" category in Total Flyfisher magazine's reader's survey...

It means a tremendous amount to have the award... thank you to all that voted and choosing BUG-BOND™ as the TOP fly tying material!

November 2010

Bug-Bond gets a great reception at the International Fly Tying Symposium in New Jersey and retailer sells out at the show!

Bug-Bond Lite launched at £14.95 for 20ml and reviewed in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying by Magnus Angus in December's issue!!

Just picked up Trout Fisherman magazine... 2 mentions in two patterns for Bug-Bond including 25 years of the Cat!

October 2010

What a fantastic time at the BFFI 2010 in Stoke UK... tying virtually non-stop it was an absolute joy to tie for the visitors... Bug-Bond remains THE tack-free alternative to epoxy!

Davie McPhail ties a fry pattern on Youtube with Bug-Bond

September 2010

Robbie Winram of Trout Fisherman magazine reviews Bug-Bond... another 2 page independant review!

September 2010

Bug-Bond introduces the Standard-Kit comprising a Multi UV LED light, Pro-Tip dispensing kit and the all important 20ml of Bug-Bond Original for a market busting £29.95... and Bug-Bond is Tack-Free!

The kit including the Nightsearcher will be desinated the Pro-Tyer Kit.

June 2010

Magnus Angus of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine conducts a 2 page independant review of Bug-Bond!

May 2010

Bug-Bond attends the Dutch Fly Fair

March 2010

Bug-Bond attends the Spring Fly Fair in Newark, UK

December 2009

Pike Fly Fishing Articles writes a review... Simon Graham says that Bug-Bond has changed the way he ties flies! Read the article.

December 2009

I am pleased to announce the launch in January 2010 of Bug-Bond a new solvent free UV cured resin for the purpose of fly tying.

The benefits of light cured resins and composites are well documented in industry as well as applications within specialist sections of medical and dental science.

Bug-Bond produces an optically perfect and a tack free cure when the correct light source is used. There is an added benefit that the material has a degree of flex when cured.

Laboratory tests have been conducted where the cured resin has been subjected to excessive heat and dampness and the results to date show no change in clarity or composition. Such is the clarity of the material there may be uses in other design related interests.

The specific weight is very near to or the same as some brands of epoxy resin that were weighed in the laboratory. Bug-Bond is more fluid than epoxy resin and will soak into fibres and when cured form a stable composite.

Curing a photo-activated material correctly is a key factor. There is only one recommended light source at present.

Bug-Bond is easy to apply, easy to cure and with care – no waste!

Note: All instructions must be read before using Bug-Bond or the UV torch. You should not look into any UV light source even when wearing safety glasses. Please keep both products out of the reach of children.

David Edwards 09 December 2009

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